A bit about the MPower studio

When walking into the MPower studio you will experience a completely different vibe to the one you would experience in a traditional gym. The MPower studio is situated in a beautiful setting on an Equestrian Centre with views of the paddock and countryside.

Inside the studio, the aim is clear, maximum space and minimum equipment. During your MPower experience the space is exclusively for you. Ensuring no distractions or interruptions during your MPower session.

A bit about Matthew

Matthew Proctor

My passion for health and fitness developed from an early age. Taking me on a journey to achieve optimal health and performance. I am committed to achieving my optimal health and performance, in turn inspiring others to do the same.

I have been working as a Personal Trainer since 2003. During that time I have developed an holistic approach to health, wellbeing and fitness. I strive to integrate food, farming and fitness by developing responsible and sustainable health solutions coupled with functional integrated movement training.

There is always a choice, the choice is yours until you give the power to someone else or you choose to relinquish the power and responsibility.

MPower yourself and make the choice yours.

Meet Rick

Rick Smith-Leach

My passion for health and fitness developed in my early teens, after leaving school I decided to pursue my interest in health and fitness. I continued to develop my strength and commit to a dedicated training regimen for several years, until I decided to change my career and MPower others to become the strongest version of themselves.

I am currently studying under the MPower training system. I am committed to achieving my own personal health, wellbeing and fitness goals, thus MPowering you to achieve yours.

Meet Chris


My passion for health and fitness developed during my time in the armed forces. After being involved in multiple endurance events, I decided that a career in coaching and motivating others to live a healthier lifestyle is something I wanted to pursue.

I qualified as a certified personal trainer in 2016 and am currently studying under the MPower training system to further enhance my ability to MPower others.