It's like Personal Training, just better!

MPower use a step-by-step process to take you through the transformation to a healthier, happier, fitter, leaner and stronger version of you.

The first step is to set the goal. Together we will set a clear, defined, measurable and achievable goal.

Once a goal has been clearly defined, the next step is to assess your current state of health, wellbeing and fitness. Don’t worry this isn’t a bleep test, push up test or any other fitness test to make you feel weak, unfit or pathetic.

The first part of the assessment is the Kinetic Chain Assessment (KCA). This ensures that your programme is tailored specifically for you and examines your current range of movement, biomechanics, postural alignment, movement patterns, flexibility and core function.

The second part of the assessment is the Nutritional Lifestyle Assessment which teaches you how to fuel and look after your mind and body. A great looking and healthy body is built from the inside first. Learn which types of foods are suited for you and which will help you create the body of your dreams. Perfect Training the MPower Way

Assessing your current nutritional habits, stress levels, sleep patterns, energy levels and exercise routine is essential in creating a truly integrated health, wellbeing and fitness programme.

With the results of the two assessments, we have the information to devise a health, wellbeing and fitness programme that will: